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Gregory Payeur is a custom furniture designer and craftsman with commissioned pieces throughout New England, New York City, New Jersey and beyond (as far away as Tel Aviv) He has been building furniture since 1962 and fine furniture professionally since 1990.

Some of the items offered at wholesale are the result of an adaptation of a commissioned work, and some are born out of yankee thriftiness. All are produced in our shop in Falmouth, Maine using the same care and techniques that we use in high end custom furniture.

Much of the wood used in the production of our products is recycled from somewhere. Some from a huge old maple tree that had to be removed from our yard. Some rescued out of the hardwood pile waiting to be made into paper at a mill in Jay Maine. More comes from the cut-offs at a furniture company in Auburn and still more is the residual from custom furniture commissions at our shop in Falmouth.


Shorescapes, our most popular item, were developed out of the well documented New England characteristic of thriftiness. Coupling a desire to avoid discarding small but beautiful pieces of furniture grade hard wood with a need to make each furniture show pay it’s own way we came up with an attractive affordable impulse item; the Shorescape.

Shorescapes filled those criteria and instantly produced a demand for a wholesale component.

The Shorescape is a dovetailed wooden box with glass faces that contains cleaned sand and items that we find on the shorelines of Maine along with sand dollars and sea urchins purchased from a fisherman in Biddeford, and some commercially sold shells.

The pleasant ambience and careful craftsmanship, including the same dovetailed corners as those used in fine custom furniture, enable Shorescapes to sell well in a variety of retail settings including galleries, home furnishing stores, gift shops, tourist attractions and souvenir shops.

The Shorescape is 7 5/8” by 5 5/8” by2 3/8”



Our grinders had a serendipitous beginning. It was while attending a wholesale show that Greg got talking with another vendor who was looking for a source for salt and pepper grinders. Greg began working on developing a prototype which we are now debuting.

These items are 8" tall and approximately 2.5" in diameter with a grinding mechanism made of high-grade ceramic material that resists corrosion, yet is durable enough to grind spices as well as salt and pepper. Enhancing this utilitarian item are beautiful hardwoods, many of which come from our custom furniture shop or are rescued from the hardwood pulp pile at a local paper mill. Each grinder is individually hand turned so no two are exactly alike. Paired with some Smoked Apple Sea Salt, you've got a winning combination!




The French rolling pin is the favorite style of pastry chefs and bakers around the world. They have no handles but are used with the palm of the hand. Shorescape Design individually turns each of our rolling pins to approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter by 18 inches in length. Every tree and every piece of wood is unique. Therefore, so is every rolling pin.

Combining thriftiness with good stewardship, we gather the wood for our rolling pins from a variety of sources. A lot of the maple is rescued from the hardwood pulp pile at a local paper mill. Much of the cherry comes from the end cuts at a nearby furniture manufacturer, and the two examples shown above come from a beautiful curly maple tree that had to be taken down in our front yard.


A custom furniture client of ours commissioned us to make the first crokinole board, a game that he has played sincechildhood.

Crokinole developed in rural Canada in the 1860’s and proved to be so popular with all ages and cultures that by the early 1900’s there were dozens of companies manufacturing crokinole boards in the US and Canada.

The advent of TV sent most other evening pastimes, including crokinole, to the attic , never to be seen again. Some pockets of enthusiasts still continue in the US however, and Canadians are likely to be familiar with the game.

The simple rules and combination of skill, strategy, and luck needed to play, all contribute to the attraction and fun of this perfect board game. Anyone in the family from 5 yr. olds to 75 yr. olds that plays crokinole enjoys it; and it’s popularity is growing exponentially. There is even a group of folks that get together to play regularly in Portland and an international championship in Toronto Canada every year.

Crokinole boards range from 27” to 32” dia.



The Maine Creel is a somewhat more specialized item that grew out of a friend’s desire to reproduce an unique antique creel for his sons.

Creels which are designed to hold brook trout while continuing to cast for fish, are usually made of wicker. The Maine Creel is extraordinary in that it is made of wood and is a marvel of engineering and beauty.

To be ready for use in a wet outdoor environment the Maine Creel is made of cedar or cypress. As a decorative item or even as a woman’s handbag it can be made of cherry, maple, walnut, ash, or mahogany.

The symmetry and fair curves of the Maine Creel’s alluring shape make it at home in a fishing store, gift shop, or art gallery.

The Maine Creel is 14.5”L x5.5”w x7.5”










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