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Crokinole Board

crokinole board styles


The simple rules and combination of skill, strategy, and luck, all contribute to the attraction and fun of this perfect board game. Crokinole is a century old game that can be mastered and enjoyed by anyone from 5 to 95 years old.

Crokinole developed in rural Canada in the 1860’s and proved to be so popular with all ages and cultures that by the early 1900’s there were dozens of companies manufacturing Crokinole boards in both the US and Canada.

Interest waned with the advent of TV and electronics, but recently there has been a resurgence as people look for fun and challenging games that allow them to connect with others and unplug from the digital universe.

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Signature Ikebana


Ikebana master Wafu Teshigahara wrote: 

  “Japanese ikebana is a creative art which brings indoors the charm and beauty of landscapes, the seashore, or lakeside. Ikebana re-creates nature on a reduced scale through the arrangement of all types of plant material.... Nature is thus always close by for us to learn of its essence.”   

 Our Signature Ikebana vase has a wooden base made from a burl, or a live edge piece, driftwood, or spalted or figured wood. A ceramic cup with a spiked pin frog holds the plant material in place.  Just a few flower stems from your garden or a local market will bring the essence of nature into any space, small or large.  

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French Rolling Pins


The French rolling pin is a favorite of pastry chefs and bakers around the world. With no handles, it is rolled with the palms of the hand. Shorescape Design individually hand turns each of our rolling pins to approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter by 18 inches in length. Every tree and every piece of wood is unique. Therefore, so is every rolling pin.   Combining thriftiness with good stewardship, we gather the wood for our rolling pins from a variety of sources. A lot of the maple is rescued from the hardwood pulp pile at a local paper mill. Much of the cherry comes from the end cuts at a nearby furniture manufacturer, and still others are turned from a beautiful curly maple tree that had to be taken down in our front yard.   



  The Shorescape is a dovetailed wooden box with glass faces that contains cleaned sand and items that we find on the shorelines of Maine, along with sand dollars and sea urchins purchased from a fisherman in Biddeford Maine, and some commercially sold shells.     Shorescapes are designed to be dynamic with the scene changing every time it is handled, much as the shoreline changes with every tide.   The pleasant ambience and careful craftsmanship, including the same dovetailed corners as those used in our fine custom furniture make Shorescapes a joy to hold and behold.   



Ikebana master Wafu Teshigahara wrote:   “Japanese ikebana is a creative art which brings indoors the charm and beauty of landscapes, the seashore, or lakeside. Ikebana re-creates nature on a reduced scale."

 Our ikebana vase consists of a spiked pin frog set in a ceramic cup which is set in a unique wood base. The plant material is arranged on the spikes that then hold it in the exact position that the arranger wishes.  

    Recognizing that most people do not have the opportunity to live on the edge of the woods in the Lakes region of Maine, we developed this small ikebana so that even those in the tiniest apartments could bring nature's beauty into their living space. A few flower stems from a local market or gathered from a garden can bring the essence of nature into any small space.  

 Not an artist? No worries, for flowers have a natural beauty that cannot be diminished. They always look beautiful no matter who arranges them in the Ikebana vase

Salt/Pepper/Spice Grinders


Our grinders had a serendipitous beginning. It was while attending a show that Greg began talking with the owner of Maine Sea Salt who was looking for a source for salt and pepper grinders. The results of that conversation are shown here in both the Decanter and Simplicity styles.   The grinders are 8" tall and approximately 2.5" in diameter with a grinding mechanism made  of high-grade ceramic material that will not corrode, yet is durable enough to grind spices as well as salt and pepper. Enhancing this utilitarian item are beautiful hardwoods, many of which come from our custom furniture shop or are rescued from the hardwood pulp pile at a local paper mill. Each grinder is individually hand turned so no two are exactly alike. Paired with some Apple Smoked Sea Salt from the Maine Sea Salt Company,  you've got a winning combination!